Sea Rescue | A versatile rescue cage that is suitable for use from all vessels

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Solution to Man Overboard Rescue

A versatile rescue cage that is suitable for use from all vessels, especially high sided ones, for the recovery & rescue of persons from the sea, by ship or harbour.

The ‘C Rescue’ cage is a robust aluminium framed lightweight structure with open ends that floats on the water and supports a netting base 300mm below the surface providing a ‘safe haven’ for the casualty to swim into. This is a simple, low maintenance effective device that folds compactly for storage and can be deployed in 20 seconds with no in depth training required. The cage was tested extensively in the Lowestoft Nautical College Wave Tank in the worst weather conditions they could provide and can be deployed anywhere round the vessel, pulled in the water using the guide ropes round the vessel to the casualty or left in the water, attached loosely to the vessel, as a ‘safe haven’ for the casualty should the situation develop, depending on the weather conditions being suitable.



  • Rapid Deployment


  • Simple Operation


  • Avoids difficult and dangerous vessel manoeuvres


  • Provides secure environment for MOB (man overboard)


  • Fast and effective recovery


  • Proof of concept – comprehensive testing & trials